Our current partner institutions include:


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The Internal Coordinating Committee (ICC)

The Internal Coordinating Committee (ICC) is the advisory, decision-making, and priority-setting body for GMaP Region 2 activities, and is responsible for providing direction that fosters interactions among partnering institutions, committee members, staff, and trainees.




ICC Members Contact Information



Dr. Tiffany Carson
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Dr. Levi Ross
University of Alabama



Dr. Ronda Henry-Tillman
University of Arkansas - Medical Sciences



Dr. Thomas Sellers
Moffitt Cancer Center

Dr. Cathy Meade
Moffitt Cancer Center

Dr. Clement Gwede
Moffitt Cancer Center

Dr. Doug Cress
Moffitt Cancer Center

Z'Kera Sims
Moffitt Cancer Center

Dr. Sabrina Dickey
Florida State University

Dr. Deanna Wathington
Florida State University

Dr. John Lowe
Florida State University

Dr. Folakemi Odedina
University of Florida

Dr. Erin Kobetz
University of Miami

Dr. John Luque
Florida A & M University



Dr. Theresa Gillespie
Emory University

Dr. Roland Matthews
Morehouse School of Medicine

Dr. Brian Rivers
Morehouse School of Medicine


Dr. Margarita Echeverri
Xavier University of Louisiana

Dr. Thomas Wiese
Xavier University of Louisiana

Dr. Lucio Miele
Louisiana State University

Dr. Maureen Lichtveld
Tulane University



Dr. Roy Duhe 
University of Mississippi



Dr. Aimee James
Washington University in St. Louis

Dr. Timothy Turner
Jackson State University


Puerto Rico

Dr. Idhaliz Flores
Ponce Health Sciences University